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Challenging abortion tee shirts

Abortion Tee Shirts

The challenging abortion tee shirts form Politeed are just that: challenging. They are not abusive or offensive political tee shirts or even a lame attempt at some type of humor. They are great looking tops with a bold, modern and attention getting design that sport a real challenge to the beliefs and knowledge of those around you on a number of topics, including abortion. Tee shirts can do so much more than advertise products or bands. You do not need to be a walking billboard or bumper sticker! Inspire everyone you meet to think about the world around them with controversial political t-shirts from Politeed.

Unique hip-hop tee shirts

You may think hip-hop tee shirts need to sport the logo or image of a popular musician or record label, but Politeed does not. Politeed asks "Is hip-hop about color or culture?" What do you think? What do your friends think? How many clothes in your wardrobe can honestly spark off a conversation that will last an entire night? When you wear hip-hop tee shirts from Politeed you will get more comments about your wardrobe than a polite, "Oh, that's cute" or "Nice shirt." You will get to share real discussions with those around you.

Gay tee shirts from Politeed

No subject is too controversial for Politeed. After all, how will these controversies get resolved without genuine attempts at discussion? Gay tee shirts ask "Are gay rights civil rights?" Just as with the other Politeed designs, there is no right answer or hidden message advocated. There are no insults or condescending remarks. When you where Politeed's gay tee shirts you are not announcing you are, or are not, gay. You are not telling others what you believe in or what they should believe in. Instead, you are inviting them to join you in considering gay rights in today's political context.


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