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In Sundance Film Festival gift bags

Sundance Film Festival gift bags are given to the attendees of this famous and influential film festival. Although they may contain anything from industry magazines and DVDs to jewelry, they are known to be much more forward looking than other organizations' gift items. They are, for example, concerned with environmental issues and products. Politeed is honored to have been selected for inclusion in the Sundance Film Festival gift bags. These are unique t-shirts that are designed not only to look great but also to provoke discussion about important social and political issues.

Provoking thought in Grammy Awards gift bags

Academy Awards Gift BagsGrammy Awards® gift bags are legendary for their opulence. Politeed has been selected to grace these iconic packages as well. Why are Politeed t-shirts deemed worthy to be among the luxurious items in these bags?

It is simple. Politeed creates unique apparel that provoke thoughtful discussion. They are not merely rehashed one liners, bumper sticker style slogans or simple billboards for political candidates or beliefs. Instead, emblazoned across these tops in an attractive, bold style of printing the viewer is confronted with questions. Is hip-hop culture or color? Are gay rights civil rights? These are the type of unbiased and unflinching questions posed by Politeed shirts. They do not lean towards any answer or belief. The entire point of these great tops is to initiate a fresh and rational discussion about the topics among everyday people.

That is enough to make Politeed t-shirts among the most unique fashion items in the world and interesting enough for Grammy Awards gift bags.


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