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Politeed's fresh immigration t-shirts

Immigration T-Shirts

With unique hip-hop and immigration t-shirts, Politeed gives you the tools to initiate important social and political discussions. It can be argued that the United States is a vast, ambitious social experiment. It is, however, a social experiment that is not without its problems. Although a political statement t-shirt is not going to save the world or change society, it will provoke a great deal of thought and discussion in everyone around you. When you put on one of the Politeed immigration t-shirts in the morning, for the rest of the day you will be posing an intelligent, reasonable question to the world. The attractive and interesting print style will not only encourage people to read your shirt, they will get you noticed!

Thought provoking hip-hop t-shirts

Just as immigration posed many new questions about the state of race and class relations in the United States, hip-hop brings a new set of factors to the American race and class paradigms. Hip-hop t-shirts from Politeed pose a simple question: "Is hip-hop culture or color?" There is no condemnation of anyone's values or taste but instead a simple icebreaker addressing modern race relations and American culture. Another Politeed top asks "What would Dr. King say about affirmative action?" Of course, we can never be sure but you will discover that there is much to uncover when you and your friends engage in a conversation to speculate about the answer.

Whether with immigration or hip-hop t-shirts or with another subject entirely, you will be pleasantly surprised by the intellectual exercises born of these simple tops. Do not settle to be someone's walking billboard. Wear something that sparks the imagination and choose Politeed.


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