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Inspire discussion with political shirts

Political Shirts

Unfortunately, most political shirts fall into one of two categories. They tend to be either simple walking billboards proclaiming the wearer's support for a party or candidate or a droll one liner that is meant to somehow pass as a valid political thought. Politeed does not make those types of shirts. If you want to show your support for a candidate, by all means, do it. If you are happy walking around wearing a joke from a late night talk show monologue, go ahead. However, if you want something new and unique, turn to Politeed. These political shirts are not merely slogans but questions meant to inspire intelligent, thoughtful debate. Topics include:

Instead of attacking the ideas of others or beating your own drum, these garments challenge those around you to think. You will find questions such as "Is the party more important than the issue?" in the Politeed catalog. All the designs have a bold, visually arresting style that is interesting and inspires those passing by to read the message. Politeed garments are like nothing else.

Original war tee shirts

Of course, Politeed has an original replacement for war tee shirts. There is no judgement, only legitimate questions such as "Should we use war to free people?" When you wear this, you are not merely tossing out another throw away slogan but spreading truly important questions everywhere you go. After all, these are not just questions that we need to answer as a country but also as individuals. From global warming to war tee shirts, Politeed has your most intelligent option in political statement t-shirts.


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