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Thoughtful, controversial political t-shirts

Controversial Political T-Shirts

Politeed offers you something unique. Thought provoking, controversial political t-shirts that are meant not to push any specific viewpoint but to instead inspire honest discussion about important topics. There is simply no other clothing manufacturer designing this type of unbiased, conversation inspiring fashion. The political statement t-shirts and tank tops from Politeed are available in a variety of colors. All feature a distinctive, bold design that delivers the message while getting you noticed. These are controversial political t-shirts without bias or judgement. They are not meant to push any social or political belief but instead initiate discourse among everyday people.

Political statement t-shirts that inspire debate

Politeed designs a wide variety of tops including gay tee shirts, immigration and war t-shirts. The array of questions asked have been formulated to avoid pushing any preconceived notions or carrying any hidden meaning. Immigration t-shirts, for example, do not choose a side but merely ask "Do illegal immigrants contribute to the prosperity of the United States?"

The secret of Politeed designs is that they have no agenda to advance other than honest and open discussion. Imagine if the simple act of wearing a political statement t-shirt could engender discussion instead of polarizing? That is what Politeed shirts aim to do.

Grammy Awards gift bags and beyond

These are some of the most unique and daring offerings in active wear. It should not come as any surprise that they have been selected to appear in the Grammy Awards® gift bags. Although these simple t-shirts may not be as expensive as jewelry or state of the art cell phones, they are definitely something special. They can also be found in the Sundance Film Festival gift bags and other awards gift bags. Browse the online Politeed selection today and decide which provocative questions you want to explore. A few simple clicks of your mouse and you will soon be enjoying the same great Politeed tops found in Grammy Awards gift bags.


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