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Politeed's intellectual religion t-shirts

Religion T-Shirts

Politeed creates something unique: t-shirts designed to generate discussion. For example, religion t-shirts from Politeed are not designed to prop up one belief over another or demean anyone's personal views. Instead, by posing questions such as "Is radical Christianity just as threatening as radical Islam?" these tops aim to inspire reflection and conversation on the role of religion and politics in today's world. These religion t-shirts, like all of the Politeed designs, are something new and fresh.

Gay t-shirts to inspire debate

Gay T-Shirts

Politeed tops boast a bold and interesting style of print that commands attention. Easily read, they allow everyone you come into contact with to consider the questions they pose. You will find gay t-shirts, posing questions about the nature of gay rights, as well as questions on race, war and more. The questions on our gay tee shirts are merely questions. They are not insults or double entendre slogans that will create anger or hurt feelings. Gay t-shirts or any of the controversial political t-shirts from Politeed do not even carry any symbols that will visually influence anyone. They are merely questions open for debate. After all, people will only solve society's problems if they address them.

Issue oriented immigration t-shirts

From global warming to immigration, t-shirts from Politeed pose today's most important questions. When you wear one of these shirts you are inviting everyday people, the heart of society, to join in a discussion of matters instead of merely standing by. Immigration t-shirts from Politeed choose no side. No Politeed garment chooses a side. They merely allow you to be the spark of a new intellectual debate. A debate that would probably not have otherwise existed without you!


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