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Sundance Film Festival gift bags

Have you ever wished you could have a piece of one of the fantastic gifts given away at big Hollywood events? Most people assume that everything that is included in these assortments will be out of their reach. Politeed creates t-shirts, reasonably priced tees and tank tops, that have been included in Grammy Awards® gift bags and Sundance Film Festival gift bags. What makes these simple tops worthy of the Hollywood treatment?

There are simply no other t-shirts like those produced by Politeed. They are do not bear mindless slogans or simple designs. Politeed tops all are emblazoned with a bold style of print that poses difficult questions about today's political and social situation. These are not statements. They do not favor specific beliefs. Instead, they challenge everyone who sees them to explore their own beliefs and values when they read something such as "What would Dr. King say about affirmative action?" When you explore the provocative inquiries found in the Politeed catalog you will understand why they earned a place in Sundance Film Festival gift bags as well as the Grammy Awards® gift bags.

Also in other awards gift bags

Politeed tops can be found at other events, too. They are found in awards gift bags like those given away at the Grammys and other similar shows, and on well dressed, thoughtful people across the country. Now you can browse the online Politeed catalog and order the tops you want in your favorite colors through the convenient secure shopping cart. Soon, you can be sporting the same thoughtful look found in Sundance and Grammy Awards gift bags.


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