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While we find it commendable and sometimes interesting to read someone's bio, we have always thought they were rather...well...boring. So, we believe, this is what every girl out there believes about herself.

She worked hard, she did well
She had doubts, she made mistakes
She didn't know, she found out
She freaked out, she went on
She worked hard, she did well

by Anna Quindlen, "Say Goodbye To the Virago"

Tim Russert 1950-2008

Mr. Russert was the standard bearer to serious journalism. His death was a loss for the entire country not just the people in politics. He put the conflicting information in front of the American people and always asked his guests, 'How do you justify what you said?". Our Sunday morning will not be the same. Politeed connected with Tim Russert, just like millions of people watching each week because he was the American people. When someone asks one day to tell them about Tim Russert and what his show "Meet the Press" was like, we would say just one thing: "You had to go through 'Meet the Press' to get to the White House."

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