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"I really respect the work you are doing and I do think this is a positive way to promote intellectual discussion. Your shirts are not afraid to ask the controversial questions that so many Americans are afraid to ask. This could be the new form of nonviolent rebellion that will provoke change."

-D. W.

"I don't think high schoolers understand the true meaning of the shirts. Because of that, I don't think they're appropriate for high schoolers because of feelings they may cause due to miscommunication."

-Don Beck
Principal Divine High School;
San Antonio, TX

"Your shirts are creative, but the wording is not neutral at all! Still, I believe your objective is obtained nonetheless. I mean here I am, discussing it! I guess if people don't like the shirts they shouldn't buy them. Could you make some shirts worded from the non-liberal viewpoint?"


"I am a student at UNC-Chapel Hill. I think that what you are doing is awesome. So many people are afraid to speak openly on their views. The idea to put these debatable questions on shirts is great. I really like the Hip Hop shirt that is online. Thanks for the t-shirts!"


"Dear all,
Congratulations for this initiative...Here is my idea for a t-shirt in "Terrorism category".
New York, Madrid, London...How much [PEACE] cost???"

-Best regards

"I Love The Shirts!
I am in Dr. Hammers English class and he told us about the shirts and I loved them! I wore the shirt that says "Will God Judge Us For Destroying the Earth", and all day people came up to me and said how great a question it was! I would love to see a shirt asking about the difference in generations. For example, "Does each generation become more self-destructive?" Or something of that nature. Thanks for all of your hard work!"


"Love the concept. Very provocative. Also, they're timely given the upcoming election and political climate."

-P. C.
Richmond, VA

"Is it just me, or are the questions you're asking seem a little transparent? Just provoking debate. It seems to me like your mind is already made up on the issues.....the wording could be a bit better...............for instance, I've figured out, simply by the wording, that you hate immigration. Well, I got news for you.....your family were once immigrants too. Maybe you should kick yourself out."

Jason M

"Is America the Real Source of World's Problems"
What a cheap and cynical way to make a buck! You are either complete idiots or you have absolutely no moral integrity. Either way, I will be letting every company and institution (SMU, Angelika, etc...) featured as backgrounds on your website that I will not be giving them any business or donations as long as they are featured on your website."

-Boris Palchik
Dallas, TX

p.s. I came to the US as a refugee, and I can assure you that the source of the world's problems are not found in the US, but in all the truly tyranical regimes that oppress their own people and hide behind the bullshit cliches that you are selling.



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