Welcome to Politeed! A Dallas-based apparel company where politics and fashion come together in a unique line of hip, edgy political shirts.

Meant to provoke discussion by asking outspoken, debatable questions about current national and socially-relevant political issues, our mission is to bring a level of social conscience and open up a debate about where our foreign and domestic policies are taking us as a nation.

Whether it be global warming, race, religion, abortion, Iraq, terrorism, human rights, gay rights or war, we need to become better educated and active in a world of social injustice.

The unique concept behind Politeed is that we don't tell you how to think. We don't tell you which side of the issue should be 'right' or 'wrong'. The intriguing concept behind Politeed is that you don't know why a person is wearing the shirt - which side of the issue are they on?

We believe that democracy allows the average person to take part in a national conversation about these issues. In a world where we are becoming isolated with our Blackberry and e-mail, we also believe there is too much focus on sound bites and cosmetics.

Every passion comes with risk. So the question then becomes, "Do you really believe in what you say?"
If you want to make a political fashion statement, our designs allow you to 'wear your mind'. Created in the USA and speaking to the World!

We also believe in giving back to the community, so for every shirt purchased, Politeed will be giving a portion of our sales to what we believe is the number one issue the next generation faces-global warming. Read about our charitable contributions and charity under our Polar Bear Foundation section.

Unique political statement t-shirts

When you browse the Politeed catalog, you will be confronted by unique political statement t-shirts. These are race relations, immigration and gay tee shirts like no others. Other political tee shirts take a position and either brandish a logo or a droll one liner. Often, they mock the views of others. What is the advantage of this? How does it help? Politeed shirts ask important, unbiased questions in hopes of sparking real debate among everyday people. Topics include everything from religion to war t-shirts. Explore the Politeed website for more information and discover why these unique tops have found their way into the wardrobes of people across the country and even into Grammy Awards® gift bags!

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