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Politeed political statement t-shirts

Political shirts are nothing new. Shirts with thought inspiring social and political questions, such as Politeed's political statement t-shirts, are something unique. For the first time, you can choose from among a full range of great tops with slogans that do not mock, taint or ridicule. Instead, the attractive bold prints on Politeed political statement t-shirts inspire real debate with the genuinely important questions they pose. This amazing line is truly something new and fresh in both clothing and social discussion.

Provocative global warming t-shirts

Global Warming T-Shirts

Politeed's global warming t-shirts ask the questions you will not find elsewhere. For example, you can get a great top emblazoned with "Is nuclear power a green energy source?" What do you think? Why? What will those around you think? Is this something that your or they have ever even considered? That is the sort of discussion that Politeed global warming t-shirts and other tops will spark every time you wear one. These are not warmed over bumper sticker slogans or empty sound bites but something new and fresh.

Discussion generating abortion t-shirts

No social or political subject is off limits for Politeed. Generate rational debate among your friends and acquaintances when you sport Politeed abortion t-shirts. Politeed asks "Is Roe vs. Wade protected under the right to privacy?" Soon, you and your friends and co-workers will be exploring the topic for yourselves. Is there even a guaranteed right to privacy? What does the Constitution really have to say, if anything, about it? What did the founding fathers think about the topic and are their views relevant today? These abortion t-shirts will spark conversations that you may have never imagined having and just may lead you to discover views you never thought you would have!


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