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Thoughtful political tee shirts

Political Tee Shirts

Politeed is unique among apparel manufacturers. Politeed is dedicated to producing thoughtful political tee shirts that are designed to inspire debate and spark open discussions about the important topics facing the world. High quality tee shirts and tank tops are combined with a visually arresting print style that looks great while capturing attention. When you wear Politeed political tee shirts, you are not merely a walking bumper sticker. You will sport thought provoking questions such as:

  • Is nuclear power a green energy source?
  • Has our moral vision blurred since 9/11?
  • Is hip-hop color or culture?
  • Is the party more important than the issue?
  • Are gay rights civil right?
  • Is radical Christianity just as threatening as radical Islam?
  • Is Roe vs. Wade protected under the right to privacy?

From immigration tee shirts to global warming tops, these are not sound bite style slogans or shallow one liners but legitimate questions that need to be asked. When you sport Politeed immigration t-shirts you may not have the answers but you will at least get an opportunity to examine the issues.

Original immigration tee shirts

Immigration tee shirts from Politeed allow you to engage in a discussion about this important topic with those around you. When Politeed asks "Do illegal immigrants contribute to the prosperity of the United States?" it is a question without bias. It is also, like all of the topics tackled by Politeed political statement t-shirts, a question without a clear yes or no answer. These immigration tee shirts will inspire conversation, thought and debate every time you slip into one.


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